Custom Caution Tape – Custom Barricade Tape

We offer more custom barricade tape options than anyone else in the business!  Our goal is to produce a product that meets your requirements!  Please review the available options listed below.


Our pricing is VERY competitive!  Plus, the more rolls you order, the lower the roll cost is!  First time orders require a printing plate set-up, typically $85 but will vary depending on the image size and number of ink colors to be printed.  Please view Custom Barricade Tape YELLOW, 3″ x 500′ 2 mil as a pricing example.

How To Place Order – Three ways

  1.   Call to talk with our Customer Service team.   (888) 985-6825   We will help you with product selection and options, and give you a quotation.
  2.   Start with our   Contact Us   form to tell us what you need.
  3.   Choose from our   Online Product Offerings.   More online product offerings are coming soon.

Lead Time

Most of our custom orders are shipped within 7 – 10 business days following design approval.  We offer Custom Barricade Tape Express service for small orders, which can be shipped within 24 hours following design approval.

Film Colors

We offer 14 film colors.  Pink, white, light blue, yellow, tan, purple, lime green, orange, gray, red, medium green, dark blue, teal green and black.  Please see the chart below.

chart of our film color and thickness options

Color and Thickness Chart

Film Thickness

Regular duty – 2 mil – available in all 14 colors.  Most commonly used duty.

Rough duty – 3 mil –  yellow film only

Heavy duty – 4 mil – available in white, yellow, purple, lime green, orange, red and dark blue.  This is best for high wind and long term applications.


Ink Colors

We have the capability to print up to 3 ink colors at a time.  Standard ink colors are:  black, white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange.  We have the ability to mix inks.  Pantone ink color matching is available for an additional $12.50/color.  Pantone matching generally requires white film.  We have the capability to offer a full bleed design.


Image Size

We can print images up to 38″ long.  Image size is limited by tape width and repeat length.  Generally, the image height is 1/2″ less than the tape width while the image length is about 3″ less than the repeat length.  We offer two repeat lengths:   19″ and 38″ (18.8″ and 37.74″ to be exact).  The 19″ repeat is used for single color or multi-color printing, while the 38″ is used for single color printing only.


Roll Lengths

Standard roll lengths are 500′ and 1000′, but we will wind custom lengths from 10′ to 2000′.


Roll Widths

Our custom barricade tape is available in 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ widths.  3″ is most common.   Please see our Custom Flagging Tape products for 1  3/16″ and 1  1/2″ widths.




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